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Last Updated: Feb 5th, 2022

These articles are here to supplement the tutorials. They cover the more theoretical stuff you can't really cover in a step by step tutorial.
Table of Contents
Starting out on Game Programming
A recommended path for game programming.
Writing Readable Code
It's important to have code that doesn't hurt your eyes.
What is a Pixel?
Find out what little pixels are made out of.
Game Loops
Game loops make video games go 'round.
Pinpointing a Crash
Log your game logic to find crashes.
State Machines
Make your game logic scale with state machines.
Multiple Source Files
Split up your single source C++ applications.
What is AI?
Learn the basics of how to make your game think.
Level Editors
Make level editors for your game.
OpenGL Math Primer
A quick intro for vector and matrix math.
Top Ten Mistakes Game Programmers Make While Trying To Make It In The Industry
Top goofs newbie game programmers make.
Interviewing for Game Programming
How to get ready for a real life game programming interview.
So if you have any suggestions, comments, questions, bugs reports, typos, or anything else you want to say about the tutorials, feel free to contact me.