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Setting up SDL 2 on Mac OS X Sonoma

Last Updated: Jan 7th, 2024

Remember on how on the previous page how I said that in most installations, setting up a library consisted of downloading headers, library files, and binaries so you can point the compiler/IDE to them and use them in your application? Well Apple has different plans.

It used to work like that MacOS but Apple is absolutely determined to make you use their workflow where they try to make everything act like an iOS app. It's not more difficult to do, it's just different from the way it has usually been done by everyone else. Just a word of caution because in my experience, Apple is more the willing to break conventions so do not be surprised if a future version uses a different method of set up.
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Setting up SDL 2 on XCode 15.1
Setting up SDL 2 on XCode 15.1