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01/19/20 - 4:40:20 PM
Word of advice from someone who started grad school while in the gaming industry: don't start grad school while in the gaming industry.

It's not that the material is difficult (honestly my undergrad was harder), it's that it's time consuming. All you have time for is work, school, and basic survival (and that last one tends to get put on the back burner). I managed to knock out most of the cross platform issues so in terms of what is on the horizon 1) finishing up platform specific issues 2) polishing the articles 3) doing some updates to the set up tutorials.

Problem is is that I start school this week, so what little free time I have is going to be gobbled up again. I need to buy a new Mac and finish setting up my Linux box. I'll do what work I can but most likely I'll have to wait until the semester is over.
11/30/19 - 6:07:53 PM
Hey everyone,

I just posted a new article. It's on the gaming industry. Here's to hoping it doesn't cause my inbox to get flooded.

I'm sure y'all have gotten used to the lack of updates. I am just going to have to accept the fact that during the semester I am not going to have the time to do updates. I'll have pockets of time in January/June/July/August during winter and summer break but for the most part my time is going to be very limited outside of those windows. Still, thanks to everyone who sends in bug reports. I'll get to them as soon as I can. Currently it's mostly just minor typos and some revisions to the set up tutorials.

Make sure to follow me on Facebook and Twitter because I will be taking polls on the to find out what the majority of my users use.
07/03/19 - 9:07:26 PM
Hey, it's been a while since I posted a news update.

That while has overlapped the time since I started grad school and that is no coincidence. Grad school plus a game industry job has gobbled up what little free time I had so I only get a few pockets of time to work on the site in between semesters.

The bug backlog is almost clear and is down to platform specific issues. I plan on working on the Linux issues next and I'll be setting up my new Linux box this weekend to work on it. I am going to hold off fixing the MacOS/iOS until after their next releases in the fall. Android I am saving for last because Google keeps changing Android Studio and I am going to have to make significant changes to the tutorials. Combined there are less than 10 issues on the backlog.

I do have one more SDL tutorial in the pipeline which I'll get started on after the backlog is clear. It's probably going to have to wait until after the next semester before release, so don't wait up for it.

If I missed your bug, you can resubmit it. Just don't keep resending it every week, wait at least a semester before submitting again.
08/20/17 - 7:11:32 PM
The Good News: Setting up SDL2 on Android is significantly easier on Android Studio than the old SDK Tools.

The Bad News: Google deprecated the old SDK Tools which my Android set up tools used.

The Better News: The Android Studio Windows set up tutorial is now up! I'll get the other ones up ASAP.

The Not So Good News: It may take me a while. Things are getting hectic at work again.
01/08/17 - 11:32:51 PM
Happy new year everyone. Again I'd like to thank the donors because they're the ones that help take care of hosting for the site.

There are those out there that try to help out by reporting bugs on the site. I thank you for that, but you have probably noticed that these bugs are yet to be fixed.

I am sure many of you heard how grueling the game industry can be. You have no idea how true that is. I was fortunate enough to get 7 days off for the holidays, but I spent it all catching up doing everything else I wasn't able to do to during the year when I wanted to spend time clearing out the bug backlog before the year ended.

Unfortunately, things are only going to get even more hectic in the coming weeks. I have major deadlines coming up at work and overtime is almost guaranteed. It may be until March before I can do any significant work on the site again.

Still, if you see a bug report it. When I finally have time again, I'll be happy that you did.