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Force Feedback

Last Updated 1/9/21
Now that we know how to how to use joysticks with SDL, we can now use the new haptics API to make the controller shake.
//Game Controller 1 handler with force feedback SDL_Joystick* gGameController = NULL; SDL_Haptic* gControllerHaptic = NULL;
A haptic device is something that gives some sort of physical feedback. In this case, it makes the controller rumble. The datatype for a haptics device is intuitively named SDL_Haptic.
//Initialize SDL if( SDL_Init( SDL_INIT_VIDEO | SDL_INIT_JOYSTICK | SDL_INIT_HAPTIC ) < 0 ) { printf( "SDL could not initialize! SDL Error: %s\n", SDL_GetError() ); success = false; }
Like with the joysticks subsystem, you need to make sure to initialize the haptic specific subsystem in order to use haptics.
//Check for joysticks if( SDL_NumJoysticks() < 1 ) { printf( "Warning: No joysticks connected!\n" ); } else { //Load joystick gGameController = SDL_JoystickOpen( 0 ); if( gGameController == NULL ) { printf( "Warning: Unable to open game controller! SDL Error: %s\n", SDL_GetError() ); } else { //Get controller haptic device gControllerHaptic = SDL_HapticOpenFromJoystick( gGameController ); if( gControllerHaptic == NULL ) { printf( "Warning: Controller does not support haptics! SDL Error: %s\n", SDL_GetError() ); } else { //Get initialize rumble if( SDL_HapticRumbleInit( gControllerHaptic ) < 0 ) { printf( "Warning: Unable to initialize rumble! SDL Error: %s\n", SDL_GetError() ); } } } }
After we initialize the joystick, we need to get the haptics device from the joystick using SDL_HapticOpenFromJoystick on an opened joystick. If we manage to get the haptic device from controller we have to initialize the rumble using SDL_HapticRumbleInit.
void close() { //Free loaded images; //Close game controller with haptics SDL_HapticClose( gControllerHaptic ); SDL_JoystickClose( gGameController ); gGameController = NULL; gControllerHaptic = NULL; //Destroy window SDL_DestroyRenderer( gRenderer ); SDL_DestroyWindow( gWindow ); gWindow = NULL; gRenderer = NULL; //Quit SDL subsystems IMG_Quit(); SDL_Quit(); }
Once we're done with a haptic device, we call SDL_HapticClose.
//Handle events on queue while( SDL_PollEvent( &e ) != 0 ) { //User requests quit if( e.type == SDL_QUIT ) { quit = true; } //Joystick button press else if( e.type == SDL_JOYBUTTONDOWN ) { //Play rumble at 75% strenght for 500 milliseconds if( SDL_HapticRumblePlay( gControllerHaptic, 0.75, 500 ) != 0 ) { printf( "Warning: Unable to play rumble! %s\n", SDL_GetError() ); } } }
To actually make the controller rumble, you need to make it play some sort of rumbling. The easiest way to make your controller shake is by calling SDL_HapticRumblePlay, which takes in the haptic device, strength in percentage, and duration of the rumble. Here we make the controller rumble at 75% strength for half a second whenever a SDL_JoyButtonEvent happens.

Now the SDL 2 haptics API has many more features not covered here including making custom effects, handling multi rumble devices, and handling haptic mice. You can check them out in the SDL 2 force feedback documentation.
Download the media and source code for this tutorial here.

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