Lazy Foo' Productions

06/22/15 - 01:04:09 AM
Tutorial 55 is up!

Ok that only leaves the set up tutorials for Linux Android and iOS. I'll be holding a vote on my Facebook and Twitter pages to decide which one I'll be working on first. Follow me to vote!
06/14/15 - 11:30:56 PM
Mobile touch tutorial is out!

Also I am still working on getting through the mail backlog. I am hoping to get it done by the end of next week.
05/26/15 - 11:17:43 PM
In case y'all don't follow me on Facebook/Twitter (which you should), the Windows Android tutorials are up!
04/06/15 - 00:28:24 AM
Ok y'all are probably wonder where the tutorials are at.

Bad news is obviously they are not up yet. Work related stuff has eaten up all my free time and has slowed things down to a screeching halt. Considering I typically only had time on Sundays to work on them, it's not hard for work to eat up all my time.

Good news is that there is progress. I just finished getting SDL_image/ttf/mixer working which has been a major road block. The fact is that the Windows Android set up tutorials are probably going to be the longest tutorials I have ever written because there are so many quirks with the Android SDK/NDK that can screw things up.

I am hoping to get the demos for the mobile tutorials up soon. Thanks to everyone for their patience.
01/12/15 - 9:18:17 PM
The past two months have sucked to say the least. Because of work related stuff, all my free time dried up, but it looks like things are finally calming down.

The OS X set up tutorials are finally up and I am going to start on the mobile tutorials by way of iOS soon. I am going to try to dedicate Sundays to website development, and hopefully the website with iOS, Linux, and Android tutorials will be complete soon.

Thanks for everyone that offered to help with Android stuff. I have a topic on the SDL forums for anyone that wants to help. I plan I going through it and the rest of my mail backlog soon.