Lazy Foo' Productions

04/20/14 - 11:39:24 PM
So SDL 2 still does not have audio recording implemented which means that tutorial will probably have to wait until towards the end of beta. So it turns out only 3 tutorials this week.

Next week we'll be back on schedule with two tutorials on Sunday night.
04/19/14 - 11:44:17 AM
Ok, I don't like being behind schedule but I have a trip next week I have to prepare for that's eating up all my time.

Two tutorials tonight by midnight (Pacific time), and two tomorrow night by midnight (also Pacific time).
04/14/14 - 09:28:09 AM
I had another hectic weekend so I am sorry to say that this past weekend's update is going to have to wait until this coming Friday.

This coming weekend's update should still be on schedule, so there will be 4 new tutorials by the end of the week.
04/07/14 - 09:43:59 AM
Sorry for the delay everyone, but I had to do some emergency computer repairs for family yesterday which ate up all my time.

The tutorial updates for this weekend are half done and should be uploaded tonight.
03/02/14 - 12:49:16 AM
Sorry for the missed update last night. I had a busy weekend. Expect two updates tonight.