Lazy Foo' Productions

11/09/14 - 10:00:43 PM

So I have for the past few weeks been trying to get the SDL Android tutorials complete. Android has the largest user base and it's SDK is supported on more platforms so I decided to start there because I am all about game development for the widest audience.

I've only dabbled with the Android SDK and barely touched the NDK, but I figured the set up instructions that come with the SDL source looked simple enough. How hard could it be?


After spending so much time trying to get the Android SDK to cooperate, I threw my hands up and just asked the mailing list where nobody could help me there either. At this point, the only thing there I can do is dig deep in the Android NDK which will take a lot of time. So my options are hold back the rest of the tutorials to get the Android tutorials out or finish everything else then resume the Android tutorials.

So I am going to have to put the Android tutorials on the back burner for now. I do plan on supporting them after everything else gets done, which is basically just OS X, iOS, and the remaining Linux tutorials. After all those are done, I am going back to work on SDL Android.
08/09/14 - 9:33:09 PM
Finally managed to get through the 500+ e-mail backlog for the SDL 2 tutorials. This means the tutorial set is ready for release! Just in time for Lazy Foo' Productions' 10th anniversary on August 10th!

Here's what's left on the agenda for the site:
-OpenGL bug backlog
-Upgrading the articles to SDL 2
-Linux Codeblocks tutorial
-Android tutorials
-General mobile development tutorials
-OSX set up tutorials
-iOS tutorials

Some of these are being held up by release dates (like the OSX and iOS tutorials), but some of these will have to wait a bit because I am moving end of August/beginning of September. I'll try to sneak in updates when I can, but it currently looks like everything on the agenda should be complete by the end of September.

Anyway, to celebrate 10 years on the net I'll be having an Ask Me Anything session on the site facebook/twitter pages. I'll be online from 5pm to 9pm Pacific time to answer questions. I did sign some NDAs so while you can ask me anything, I can't answer everything =).
06/29/14 - 4:25:45 PM
OK everyone, we are now in RC1. This means I am focusing on fixing bugs and getting through a 500+ bug backlog.

You'll see I now have facebook/twitter pages now. I plan on using those to poll the audience for site updates (IE, which set up tutorials to add), so make sure to like/follow if you want your voice heard.

Time to iron out the tutorials for release. Get those bug reports in!
06/22/14 - 00:31:51 AM
So after doing 3 full upgrades of Xubuntu on servers that had a habit of disconnecting, I find out that the latest version of codeblocks available on the apt-get repository doesn't work with the latest version of Ubuntu. This is bad because the latest versions of SDL2/_image/_ttf/_mixer need the latest repositories. After trying fishing around for a fix in what little spare time I have, I decided to just shelve it for now, and just post the command line tutorials for Linux for now. If you have a functioning codeblocks build, just compile from source to install the latest versions of SDL2 and their extensions.

For now, I am going to put on the final touches on the tutorials to prepare them for release candidate. RC is all about ironing out the bugs so the tutorials are ready for release. This mean I will finally be able to get through the 500+ e-mail backlog that's accumulated through beta.

Don't worry, Linux codeblocks tutorials are still planned. We'll just have to wait until there's a version that doesn't eat up an entire evening to install.
06/17/14 - 9:43:41 PM
So I found out three interesting things:

1) SDL2 requires the latest version of you distro if you want to install it via package manager.

2) I haven't booted into my Linux partition in 385 days and my installation was ancient back when I was using it.

3) Either I am being throttled or the ubuntu upgrade servers are painfully slow. Maybe even both because I had them repeatedly disconnect.

So yeah even after spending two afternoons this weekend trying to upgrade to the latest version, I still can't test apt-get installation. I am hoping this third upgrade is the last one I'll have to do.

As always guys, it's late but it's on the way.